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Over 20 years of expertise with creating, mentoring, and transforming processes.

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Transformation Design Consultancy

AndThereWas, LLC is an  award-winning 🏆 interdisciplinary design firm with over 20 years of experience in product design (print/ web/ mobile) and transformation life design consulting, mentoring, and speaking.

We enjoy co-creating delightful user-focused experiences, cultivating product design enthusiasts, and restoring time & energy via transformation life design design approaches, processes, and mindset.

By doing so, we strategically create delightful experiences and clarity for organizations and individuals in need of interdisciplinary design consulting services, education, mentorship, and/or training.

“Saving time is saving lives. With that said – we’re in the life saving business.”

— Cleo Henderson


Declare. Create. Repeat.

Our belief at AndThereWas, LLC is by solving problems together we can co-create better virtual and in-person experiences by way of ingenuity, originality, creativity, a human-centered narrative. We focus on saving time, energy, and money to help connect the dots and achieve an understanding and level of confidence we all desire (and deserve).

Core Values

Minding Our Manners

Community Delight Enlighten Integrity Embrace & Drive Change


Continued Excellence

Since the company was founded by an 10+ award winning product design expert. It’s only fitting that the company to start winning awards as well for product design. We have been grateful to earn these most recent awards.

AndThereWas has received a GOLD 2022 Davey Award and two silver 2022 w3 Awards from The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) for HowToBeALighthouse.com.

Means of Transformation

We believe that by embracing transformation and harnessing the power of design, individuals and organizations can unlock their full potential and achieve extraordinary results!

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